Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Sew Other Stuff, Too....

From time to time, my sewing projects are things other than garments worn by me or my family.  I am happy to share a sewing project that should take an hour or two of your day and allow you to let off a little steam after a lengthy and complicated project.  With the recent release of the new McCalls Holiday Collection patterns the blogosphere was all abuzz.  I had also received my McCalls e-newsletter, and wanted to stop a moment to share what new things I noticed when I clicked on the link. 

I drooled over the new pattern for 18" doll clothes (aka the American Girl Dolls line)!  Those clothes looked so cute and up-to-date, I wished my niece was young enough to still play with the American Girl doll I bought her when she was 7 or 8 years old.  She is older now, just out of graduate school, yet she remembers getting that doll as a present.  I might have to find some naked 18" doll to sew for!

I liked a few of the new Misses party dresses I saw in the collection, but I grinned when I saw that McCall's added a new pattern by one of my favorite patternmakers.   At the very end of the new pattern group was the cute little photo below....  This hippo and elephant pattern are examples of the animals from Carol's Zoo!  I met Carol as a vendor at a quilt show many years ago.  I am delighted to recommend her fun, unique and superbly-drafted patterns to you.  This lady has found a way to draft these animals with as few pattern pieces as humanly possible.  After taking the patternmaking class at the local college, I was amazed at their construction!  You will be, too!
McCalls 6484
Photo courtesy of

I was so excited to see Carol getting the recognition she deserves!  I have made the hippo from a tapestry fabric and used a coordinating tassel for his tail. He is soo cute, and made from 3 pattern pieces!

Last year, I made her mouse pattern (only 2 pieces!) in 90 minutes and was so pleased with how little time it took and how ingenious her pattern was.  She has designed an entire zoo of different animals, most of which have less than 4 pieces, and I encourage you to visit her shop while she is offering a 25% discount for any of her specially identified "pink" fur in honor of October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Carol is a cancer survivor, and is such a nice woman, I would love to have her meet all of you and introduce you to her as a great source of beautiful and unique faux furs, excellently-drafted animal patterns, and lots of safety-designed eyes and noses for your stuffed creations.  She sells the patterns alone, but also has kits with everything you need to make a mother and child of each animal.  Don't forget to give her a look-see!

Look at the mouse pattern below for the mouse I made last Xmas:

Mama Mouse and Baby Mouse
photo courtesy of
 And, below is a picture of my grandson, the happy recipient of a new friend.  What did I do differently?  I put pipecleaners in his tail and filled his body and head with buckwheat shells from an old pillow I had.   He has enough heft in his bottom to sit, hold up his head and not fall over.  His whiskers are extra-long lengths of overwaxed black carpet thread.  I believe he has been named Eek, and I am more than delighted to see my grandson still has him (and his camouflage ribbon) when I requested a picture of them!  I loved making it!  Only one hour to create such delight.  Grandmas live for these moments!

Baby Mouse in Dining Room Early in the Morning

Baby Mouse Named Eek and my Grandson

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