Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ask Santa for Something You Really Want

I love books.  I have collected far too many of them, but I do love them and can't seem to be comfortable without them being around me wherever I am.  The only thing I love more than books are books about sewing

For the past several years we have benefited from the existence of a place in northern California dedicated to patternmaking and the study of style.  Have you heard of The Center for Pattern Design?  If that special someone still has no clue what to buy you for the upcoming holiday, direct them to the book section of the CFPD website.   There are many rare book reprints and patternmaking books (for both men and women), software and DVDs ranging in cost $9.99 and up.  While you're there, check out their upcoming classes, tools and supplies, and sign up for their newsletter.  So many good things are happening there! 

And, when you have a moment, read the newsletter archives.   They have so many knowledgeable teachers planning to lead seminars and classes during the upcoming year (2012).  (Sato taught a class there last year; so don't forget to peek at the photos section to get an idea of what it was like in class.)  What could be more inspiring than taking a patternmaking class in northern California?!  (I know, I know...taking one in Paris..!  lol) 

I'm saving my money to get Harriet Pepin's Modern Pattern Design, a really hard-to-find authorized reprint.  I'd love to hear what books you placed on your wishlist, so leave me a note!  

Domino and I wish you a great Holiday Season and hope you get to squeeze in some needle time! 

Just remember, take it one stitch at a time!...

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