Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Final Four

For those that wondered what had become of me, I wanted to let you know I am still alive....reading and sewing to my hearts content.  I discovered how much the horrible mattress at my mother's had contributed to my back issues only after moving and sleeping on a really good mattress.  I have also discovered how much the dust (and possibly the mold) had contributed to my persistent allergies following the move, as well.

My mind has rested and I have made a concerted effort to complete all the sewing projects I organized into plastic bags during my days of preparation.  Some are simple toys for my great nephew, others are projects for my (very) soon-to-arrive third grandson.  Others are the patterns to be altered for new dresses, skirts and tops for myself.

First up?....the simple hand puppets for my great nephew.  These were made from Butterick 4209
 using fleece left over from previous pajama and robe projects.  I made four of them: the monkey, the kitty, and two bears.  They all came out so cute...nothing you would see in real life!

Spotted Monkey

Fiery Kitty with a gigantic bow tie

Bear with a self-drafted tie

Camouflage Bear with self-drafted fringed scarf

My favorite is the unusual-patterned monkey.  I put pipe cleaners inside the tails of both the cat and the monkey, and this small step added so much character to both puppets.  I hope he enjoys them!

Now...don't worry that I have suddenly shifted away from sewing clothing...I haven't.  The past year or so has been difficult because of my move.  These are the final quick projects I organized for completion in-between my 'serious' sewing.  I made this great-nephew the same mouse I made for my second grandson, and it will go in the same box these puppets are shipped in.  These are my final four projects for him, and now I will move forward with more classic clothing sewing projects.

Now, I am off to begin the Hong Kong seams on my next project:   Vogue 1129.  Most sewists know how long this pattern has been available, and since I am a fan of anything that has something draped over the shoulder, it has been cut out for a loooong time waiting to find the right fabric to turn into the bias tape required to complete an interesting feature on the seaming (the coat is unlined).

Stay tuned...and thanks for stopping by!....
Keep stitch at a time!....

PS:  My third grandson arrived in the world yesterday (March 19), and I have come to grips with the fact that I won't be sewing any pretty little dainty dresses or christening gowns for a little granddaughter.  {{{sigh....}}} :)

Welcome, Simon!!!!  Grandma loves you madly and am already planning things to create especially for you!

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