Monday, November 23, 2009

I've Avoided My Homework

I confess right up front....

I am prone to procrasti-nation and focus on minute details that often derail the best laid plans and time constraints. Thus, my sewing projects are heavy on the details and are produced under pressure or as the result of avoiding pressure.

This Donna Karan top (Vogue 1039) has been in-process for a long time. As a matter of fact, I have many, many projects in various stages of completion. Each project sits in its own plastic shoebox somewhere between being studied, pinned, marked, interfaced, or basted in anticipation of a stolen moment in front of my machine.

I ordered the fabric during a Gorgeous Fabric sale, and have slowly but surely brought it close to completion. Only the final topstitching joining the bottom panel to the bodice remains to be done.

I've not yet learned to post photos from my camera, but after the holiday break, when I return for the final two weeks of my drafting and draping classes at the local junior college, I will make sure I get help from the 'young' students there.

Now, I guess I'll get back to completing my final projects for my classes. I must (first) create (from a sloper) my own pattern with a collar and a sleeve. Easy? I just wish I could make up my mind what to do! When you have everything at your disposal, how do you put limits on your vision? The second class requires a second garment created to cover the dress form using draping techniques. Of course, we must present the garment and the pattern for the garment. {{I'd much rather begin finishing the seams on Vogue 1129.}}

I'll be posting more soon, and will delay my progress by reading everyone else's blogs in the interim. Thanx for stopping by!!!


  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment - you made my day!

  2. So many similarities. Have you made the Simplicity pattern before or will this be your first one? I made it early in the summer and swore I wouldn't make it again - but I loved the top so much I'm now making a sleeved version for the Fall. Be sure and let me know how yours turns out.