Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hidden Treasures

I listed the ad locally with the headline "Estate Sale of Hoarder 7am-2pm" and had moved tabled items and boxes around the driveway the day before.  It rained overnight--hard.  A very good friend was driving about 150 miles early that morning to help me.  She was late.  The first customers arrived at 4:30am....yes, that's right...four thirty in the morning.  They hovered at the end of the driveway like zombies, their black profiles moving closer to the garage in misty shadows.  I was a little un-nerved.  Finally, I yelled out the door and asked them to please sit in their cars until the opening time.  Seven o'clock came....I had no posterboard signs had been scattered in the surrounding neighborhood hotspots.  The sun was barely up before the swarm started digging through the soggy cardboard boxes for treasures. 

One man bought all the costume jewelry in bulk.  A bunch of women started digging in the numerous hat boxes (my mother was a church-lady with far too many outlandish hats).  One women took all the tablecloths, napkins, and doilies.  Shoes, bags, unopened Fingerhut boxes, QVC boxes, HSN boxes and knicknacks (hate them...endless dustcatchers) were assaulted.  A set of leather luggage including the ladies' train case sat waiting their turn to be chosen among...pots....dishes...cut glass...handkerchiefs, gloves.....sigh.  It was endless.  And, I haven't mentioned the vintage lingerie she don't wanna know.

I will never do this again (if I can help it, I pray...).  My shoulders ache and my back is stiff.  It was three days of dust and standing for hours on cement.  Not enjoyable...But, many dealers are very happy...and $o am I.  I am packing up the homestead and readying it for sale.  My mother was a hoarder,...need I say more?  I had to sleep in the living room for the first 9 months after I arrived while I cleared out two bedrooms of 'stuff.'  This has been a true test...(required if you have a testimony, right?)

What was interesting from the sewing standpoint was to discover five trunks filled with my mothers sewing projects, finished and unfinished.  These are the type of trunks college students drag from home to house their belongings in dorm rooms during their college stay.  The trunks hadn't been opened in a long time, but the contents of all were in perfect condition.  The paper bags protecting all this polyester fabric (remember, the 70s ushered in the leisure suit era) reminded me of the many fine fabric stores that were part of my young sewing experience.  Their names and logos I had long forgotten, and I quickly realized we had access to multiple fine fabric stores--not like our meager selection today.  I'm thankful for the Internet.  My mother had a lot of vintage patterns...not the 40s and 50s I love, but quite a few in the 70s.  I cringed as the best diggers pulled out some thread, trim or pattern I had missed.  None of the remaining patterns are my size, but I plan to use them as giveaways after I confirm their condition, so stay tuned!

Needless to say, not much sewing is being done here.  I had hoped to complete more projects before I must pack my machines and projects away.  What you may see is more of my handwork or travelling projects.  Who knows, I may have more time than I think.  After all, the economy being what it is, the house may be on the market for a while.

They come in multiple colors, too!
 I don't want you to leave until I pass along one of my sewing favorite things.   Take a hard look at the picture.  What are they?  If you've ever purchased a balloon at a party store, these are the optional weights that can be attached to the balloons to prevent them from floating away.  I use them as pattern weights.  I just love the colorsplash they bring as I cut out my patterns. 

The conical weight (see the grey unwrapped weight lying on its side) can be removed from the Mylar and wrapped in ribbon or embellished with anything that makes you smile.  Let the hot glue gun be your friend.  Be sure to glue felt to the bottom to prevent the rough stone from snagging your fabric, and cover sides of the weight with anything your heart desires.  The set I use fits neatly in a custom decorated box or at times, have been lined them up a shelf like well-dressed sewing room soldiers.  The pouf on the top has its advantages, and makes it easy to grab and re-position them.  I've been collecting them from miscellaneous birthday parties or anniversary celebrations for a few years.  If you must purchase them, they are approximately $1 each.   

As part of my garage sale preparation, I opened a box containing a pattern system I had never heard of.  Has anyone heard of this company or used this system?  The back of the book in the picture below says it was The Perfect Fit Publishing Company 1971 (revised 1975 - 530 5th Avenue, New York, NY  10038). 

Front Cover of book, touting the "Exclusive Over Lay and Trans-Dart Method

Like the Lutterloh system, this has a special ruler and miniature patterns to follow.
 It seems to be no longer in business, but if anyone can provide more information on this company or system, I would be interested in hearing about it.

Domino asks little from long as I am continually touching him.
In this case, my feet will do just fine.
 Like CBSs "Sunday Morning,"  I'd like to leave you with a funny, nature moment.  My dog wore himself out imagining all our garage sale visitors came specifically to see him.  He performed his " Ain't I adorable" antics for each and every one who visited.  They allowed him to jump up on them (muddy, wet paws and all) and encouraged him to lick them in the mouth and he took advantage of stepping beyond the hours and hours of training he has endured to break these horrible habits.  lol 

At the end of the day he was so exhausted he didn't think about eating dinner!  Neither did I!....It has taken us both a couple of days to recover, and my excuse is my age. He's only three so I don't know what his issue'll have to ask him..:)

I’ll talk to you again, soon….
Thank you for visiting! 

                  Stitch on…
you’ll get there…just make progress taking each
One at a time….

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  1. Hello!
    I was happy to read your comment about the book ("Maternity for Every Wife and Mother") - I'm amazed that you found a copy in your mother's garage. As I said, I have a real passion for old books, and have never encountered this one. Enjoy the read - and thank you so much for letting me know. It just makes the hunt all the more interesting when bits and pieces connect up like this. Wishing you a wonderful holiday....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (The Cranky Crow)