Monday, May 7, 2012

Waiting for Vogue Patterns to Answer....

You haven't heard from me in a while, but that doesn't mean I haven't been sewing.

Let's see....

A new grandson arrived about 8 weeks ago, so I've been putting together little things for him.  His middle name is Drake, so his Dad has asked that I make him his own dragon (which is a derivation of 'Drake'). So, of course, it is in process.  (Isn't he a cutie-pie?)

Grandson #2

I am also in the midst of preparing for the upcoming June family birthdays (my only sister and my eldest niece).  I usually make gifts and stay away from trying to finance what I would really love to purchase for them.  So, that pressure is on, too.

Since my last post I have also completed a king-size quilt and have decided to send it off to be quilted by someone with a longarm quilting machine.  The quilt is to be raffled off by a social club I belong to.  Initially, the club members agreed to participate in its construction, but in the end no one pitched in (should I be surprised?).  I managed to get through it with the help of one member, and will now send it off to be professionally quilted before I put the binding around it.  I'll let you know how this new experience turns out.

The baby quilt for my eldest niece's baby is also completed, but I am still deciding whether to purchase a Flynn Multi-Frame quilter and suffer through the learning curve to finish the small quilt myself.

I have finished the Vogue coat I mentioned in my last post, but will show you pictures on the my dress form on my next post.  I really just wanted to post this entry to ask you a question....

I recently looked at the new Vogue patterns and fell in love with the white Lialia dress pattern by Julia Alarcon (Vogue 1305).  I was so excited about making the dress, I purchased the pattern at the very end of the previous pattern sale.  I have since purchased the fabric for the pattern and begun to cut it out.  This is only a problem because I have noticed an error (?) in the layout for the dresses lining.

This pattern has extra-long pieces that must be joined prior to cutting (in addition to requiring each piece be cut on single-layer fabric--but that's another topic).  The dress' lining layout shows different piece numbers joined together than the cutting layout for the fashion fabric.  Has anyone else run into a problem where the layout (or sewing instructions) have an error?  What did you do/what would you suggest I do?

I have sent an email to Vogue regarding this matter, but am unsure if I should wait to hear from them.  Has anyone else made this dress already or have a solution for my question?  If you have already purchased this pattern, would you take a look at the instructions and tell me if I am wrong?   The lining layout shows piece 1 (top) joined with piece 3A and piece 3 (top) joined with piece 1A.  Is there ever a logical reason for the pattern pieces to switch like this?

I certainly have a lot to do while I wait to hear from them.  In the meantime, I would certainly like to hear from you!

Great stitching....keep stitch at a time!...



  1. Congratulations on your new grandson. What a beautiful child! Your projects are wonderful. I especially like the baby quilt. so cute. I have not made the dress your talking about, so I am no help, but I am intrigued. I may go get the pattern to see for myself the problem that you are having. If I do get the pattern, I'll let you know.

  2. Hi Rhonda!.....

    So glad a expert patternmaker is putting her brain matter to work on this dilemma! Thanks for your comment.

    I certainly don't want you to purchase this pattern, but feel if you could just look at the layouts, you would be able to help.

    This afternoon I took my digital camera, and think I have found a way to have everyone be able to look at the instruction sheets without having to travel anywhere!

    Click Here!

    I will be waiting to hear from you!.....
    Thanking you in advance...!

  3. ETA: Vogue Patterns has contacted to me to verify receipt of my question, and to advise that my question has been forwarded and a formal email response is pending....

    Thanks to everyone thinking about this issue with me.

    Come back in a couple of days....the response is pending!

  4. Hi Cynthia, I got my pattern yesterday. Mine is the same as yours connecting 1 to 3a etc. I think they have just made an error there. I am going to cut it and attach the pattern pieces in the same way and for the main fabric.

  5. Congratulations on your new grandchild, and they are very fortunate to be receiving such beautiful quilts as gifts!
    I think it would be safe to assume that the instructions have a simple mis-print, and that you should join pieces 1 and 1A together, and pieces 3 and 3A together :)
    Thank you so much for the comment on my dress

  6. I agree with everyone else, go with the layout and the pattern shapes (match them to the drawing) and ignore the numbering. When fact checking, they are more likely looking at the layout to make sure it is correct than the pattern piece labels.

    Thanks for what you said on my blog! Let your son know that I'm single (so no emotional support at home) and three years older than him so he can surely do it if I could. Good luck to him and if he's the father of that adorable baby above then he already has good fortune on his side!

  7. I am pleased to report that yesterday Meg at Vogue Patterns did send a response to my query regarding Vogue 1305.

    Although I guess I expected more, the email said that the layout illustration for the dresses lining..."has an error that they are currently correcting." Doh!...

    What did I want?...A little thanks for bringing it to their attention, an offer of the corrected instructions page, and (perhaps) a free tour of their main offices to review how the pattern quality and customer processes work. This process took too long and should not have occurred. I wonder how the designer's (Julia Alarcon) studio is feeling about the error???

    Too Much?------->Going away to do some handwork to calm down....

    Oh,....if I ran the world....