Monday, July 23, 2012

Finishing Vogue 1305

Vogue 1305
(courtesy of Vogue pattern site)
Since it was already cut out, I decided Vogue 1305 would be the last dress I will sew during the final days of my stay in northern California.  I know, I've been rather quiet for a while, but it was only because I was in transition from one residence to a different, temporary one.  I will be making my final drive cross country the last week of this month, back to my home and belongings stored in the metro Atlanta area of Georgia.

I am not looking forward to 33 hours on the road, but I am looking forward to seeing the accumulation of items I haven't seen in six or seven years....particularly the vintage pattern collection I had been dragging around the country for decades.  Many of them are Vogue Patterns and include the woven labels Vogue used to include with your purchase when you bought the 'designer' patterns (Are any of my readers as old as I am?)  lol.  I look forward to posting most of them for sale on etsy or ebay as soon as I'm settled.  My son's last couple of years in high school I worked in an independent fabric store (Fabricland in Fremont, CA), and still have many of the fabrics purchased with my discount from there.  I've learned so many new techniques in junior college classes since I returned here to care for my mother, I am no longer reluctant to create the garments I envisioned when I made the purchases.  No more adding to my stash 'til they're considerably reduced!

I began this particular sewing journey discovering an error on the cutting layout of the pattern.  It was the first time this has happened to any pattern I've sewn, but it reinforced my commitment to understanding all the steps and terms prior to beginning to sew any pattern I haven't drafted.  If you're interested, you can take a peek at the discussion in my previous blog.

Dress Sides are Different and Separated by Center Seam

The fabric is a drapey rayon knit I purchased for $1 per yard at a Joann's sale.  The dress takes about 3 yards of 60" fabric for a size 16, so any fabric commitment is quite an investment.  This brightly colored fabric will serve as my muslin.  In the picture above I am trying to show you the different directions of the fabric from the front center seam.  One side of the dress is straight-grain perpendicular to the floor, the other side fluid and drapey.  I knew the weight of the dress (and it is substantial) is carried along this seam, so I stabilized it by placing a strip of 3/4" bias iron-on interfacing along this seamline prior to sewing them.  I now realize it was a good move because the seamline is completely smooth and straight no matter how I move in the dress.

Dress Rear with Long Sleeve Opening

In the picture above I am showing the back of the dress with the opening and the slit along the longer sleeve on the right side.  I had not chosen the single button yet, but the small loop is there (at the neckline) waiting for its companion.

Side Slit and Hemline

The hemline photographed in the picture above is unique because it hangs from the shorter lining, so no handwork is required.  It was an easy way to not have to worry about pulling out your hem with an errant pointy shoe heel.  I have to remember how its done for future reference.  

I will make this pattern again; the next time I will use a less transparent lining fabric.  I don't have the type of bustline that allows me to run around without a bra, but within my own home it is a great around-the-house dress for an old lady who hasn't forgotten style.  lol


I will close with a picture of my extremely happy great nephew holding the two stuffed toys I made for him.  He called me on his mother's phone just to say thank you!  Then promptly ran off to feed the mouse some cheese and the dragon some grass!  He LOOOVES the dragon!  His goal is to teach the dragon to fly.  I didn't know they would be such a hit!....but it's worth it! In case you can't tell, in his right hand is the dragon, and in his left hand is the mouse.   

This little boy is the lucky one who received one of each stuffed animal....the other mouse went to my middle grandson and the latest dragon to his young brother whose middle name is Drake...a derivation of dragon (so my son has told me), now four months old and cuter than ever. I have made two of each of these stuffed animals, and I sleep at night swearing the light of their smiles brighten the stars above me. Those of you who pray to a higher power, include me as I leave this place and arrive safely at my new home.  I will certainly be back in touch as soon as my new laptop is reconnected.

'Til then....keep taking it one stitch at a time!......


  1. Amazing choice of fabric for this dress. I'd love a knee length version of this dress.

    1. Thanks, Gail! The plain fabric on the envelope probably would have shown every imperfection on my body! lol Glad you like it. Still looking for the right button...

  2. I made something from that fabric too. However, I didn't spend only $1 a yard on it! Lucky you! I would love to see what the finished dress looks like though. I wasn't impressed with the white catalog version because of the cheap-looking fabric.

  3. I've been thinking about this pattern. At first I couldn't see the vision in it, but having you go through the steps makes it more clear.