Thursday, September 27, 2012

Two Years Six Months Later.....!

Wow!  Do you believe it!?  It's finally finished!!!!
After selecting all the fabric, making sure it was 100% cotton and pre-shrinking every fat quarter in hot water, I began the project to complete the childs quilt called Funny Babies, designed by Amy Bradley.  The quilt's background fabric would be blue (we knew the baby would be a boy) and I wanted to select at least one of each primary color a child would learn to identify during childhood.   Fabric selection was the most fun....

Red, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow

Beginning binding at bottom center of quilt
Binding attached and ready for final handwork

All Done!
The quilting was done by a Georgian quilt shop in light blue thread.  I allowed them to make the design selections and am very happy with their choices.  I wanted to share the detail they added visually to the back of the quilt where I used white muslin.  Can you see the many toys and baby items sewn into the design in the following four pictures?

See the teddy bear...?

And the keyring rattle....?

Can you make out the pacifier....?

There's the ducky...!

Sigh....So, this project has been completed.  I hope finishing three more quilts for my growing grandsons will not take me as long.  I did learn a lot....One....avoid appliques and stick with piece quilting from now on!  Two...being exact when measuring is critical.  Three....The love you stitch into the project will cover all errors.....(smile)

I just hope I will bring the smiles to my niece and her son you see below when they open the box.  I loved doing it.  The package will go in the mail Monday.....

You will be hearing more from me, soon.  Til then....keep stitch at a time!

On Washington DC's METRO over 2012 Labor Day Weekend

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wedding Attire

New Look 6124
M y youngest niece asked me to sew her a dress she could wear at an upcoming wedding she had been invited to attend.  Because I have been sewing for her since the day she was born, saying yes was no problem at all.  About a month ago I came to live with her and her mother, so I had the opportunity to fulfill her request with her new measurements.  I also wanted her to become more involved with the pattern and fabric selection this time around, and this was a prime opportunity. 
Young adults are so computer literate now, so she was easily able to look through the online patterns available, and selected a very simple style with the newest craze:  the peplum.  Her selection was New Look pattern 6124.  She asked my opinion for fabric options, and I quickly guided her away from the standard satin (too many wrinkles) worn too often by wedding guests and suggested the less-gaudy shantung.  She and I took a road trip to the local Hancock's where the fabric was on sale in her favorite color for only $2.99 per yard.  She was excited the cost was so low because (this time) she was paying for it.  lol...The entire ensemble was less than $25...including the pattern!
Pattern and the prepared fashion fabric and button
Now, the photo that follows was the result of all the recent classes I have taken on fitting and altering paper patterns.  This young lady is six feet two inches tall, size 6 pattern with a D-cup bustline.  I underlined the dress in a matching lightweight cotton, and she gave me her permission to post a finished picture of her in the dress on my blog.  Needless to say, she was delighted.  The two frosted buttons are an irridescent turquoise overlayed on a burgundy base that matched the suede shoes she wore.  A road trip to G Street Fabrics was coupled with a side trip to Rita's for a treat was the icing on the entire process. 

New Look 6124

What did I do differently?  Well, I decided to eliminate topstiching the tabs 3/8" from the edge as suggested in the instructions.  And, I hand finished the bottom of the peplum instead of topstitching it down.  I put in an invisible zipper (including the proper way to finish the facing on the inside) using one of the many instructions and hints posted by fellow bloggers on the internet.  I had almost forgotten the most important instruction:  that is, to begin the zipper installation after fusing interfacing in the back seam allowance....a critical step with this particular type of fabric, for sure!

New Look 6124

I lengthened the back waist to 17 1/2". and slimmed the skirt bottom to more of a pegged look.  Her mother (my sister)  didn''t have any hips until she gave birth to her, so I suspect this young lady has inherited the same physical trait.  Slim hips are perfect for this style of dress, and the kick pleat left her ample room to stride down the aisle with the bride's son. 

I told her to have fun, take pictures, and smile.  She was so happy when she bounced down the ramp, I couldn't help but feel happy I had been a part of her joy.

Thanks for checking out my blog....I haven't been posting a lot, but I have been sewing.  I don't want to be lost like the bloggers mentioned in MPB's blog.  Thanks for stopping by to check on me......

Keep stitch at a time!!!